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We have beliefs that have unconsciously been formed from past experiences,  successes, failures, humiliations, triumphs, and the way other people have reacted to us, especially in early childhood.  From here we mentally construct a  self whereby we do not question its validity, but proceed to act upon it as if it were  true.

Simply, EFT gets to the root of what's going on, balances the mind and body, changing what we  do, how we feel and how we experience the world.

​​​​​Self-Image Coaching

​​EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is said to be a cross between ancient Chinese acupressure and modern-day psychology.


These events can negatively influence how a person sees the world, experiences and regulates emotion and relates to other people. 

As we travel through life, we assign meaning to the events that occur to and around us. When we have a negative experience, especially when we're young, we form associations in our mind between the event and the negative impact it had. Our emotional reaction is tied to the memory of the event.

Part of our subconscious has the job of keeping us safe and is constantly looking for threat to our well-being. It is constantly comparing our current circumstances to these negative memories of the past. If something happens now that is identified in any way remotely similar to a prior experience, in which we learned to respond in a particular way, that information can be utilized to guide our reaction to the current event.

 With EFT a person is able to reduce the negative impact, memories and past events, thereby reducing physical and emotional pain. Once the pain is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself.

​​​​​​​​"What we are to become is already within us, awaiting the belief through which it can be expressed"    -Alexis Brown

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It is one of the most widely used energy psychology modalities because it gently and swiftly releases negative and traumatic events that are frozen in time in the mind/body system.  

​Hang out with me me long enough... I'll convince you into believing in yourself .



 Our relationships reflect our self-image. 

Who we are with         another person.

​​​​​Would you like to feel enchanted by life again?  Feel free to express your self openly and honestly?  Would you like to stop comparing yourself to others?  How about feel that inner strength that is within you to create whatever it is that you're looking for.

There is nothing more debilitating than a poor self image.  It affects our relationships, our creativity, our income.  


This self-image then controls how we relate to the world, and how it responds back. All our actions, feelings, behavior, even our abilities, are always consistent with our self-perceptions. Always. Human beings act, feel and perform in accordance with what they imagine to be true about themselves.


All coaching sessions include EFT

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I had gone to Alexis because I got tired of failed relationships.  I also have a demanding job and always felt stressed. After working with her I learned how I self-sabotage.  Things began to move forward for me.  - Leslie, Pennsylvania.

I was not sure what to expect the first time I went to her, but she explained the process in detail to me and was very understanding and patient.  All I can say is that she helped me work through my blocks, and things started to change in my life. I highly recommend her services - Kaitlyn, Connecticut.