Would you like to feel enchanted by life again?  Feel free to express your self openly and honestly?  Would you like to stop comparing yourself to others?  How about feel that inner strength that is within you to deal with whatever life throws at you?  You can.

There is nothing more debilitating than a poor self image.  It affects our relationships, our creativity, our income.  Many of us were left with psychological scars from childhood. Just because those scars are not as visible as those left by physical harm does not mean they aren’t real.

William Shakespeare once said that time was the great healer.  But when it comes to negative childhood experiences he got it wrong.  Time does not heal these wounds. 


This self-image then controls how we relate to others, and even how others respond to us. All our actions, feelings, behavior, even our abilities, are always consistent with our self-perceptions. Always. Human beings always act, feel and perform in accordance with what they imagine to be true about themselves.


Within you is the ability and the power to be happy and successful in all areas of your life. 

Kaiser Permanente, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control, did a large scale research project on the effects of negative childhood experiences and found that trauma’s do affect our health later in life.  And the worse the childhood trauma, the higher the likelihood of stroke, cancer, heart disease, depression and high blood pressure.                                     

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I had gone to Alexis for an EFT & Theta Healing session.  I was not sure what to expect the first time I went to her, but she explained the process in detail to me and was very understanding and patient.  All I can say is that she helped me work through my blocks, and things started to change in my life. I highly recommend her services - Kaitlyn, Connecticut.Type your paragraph here.


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Our relationships reflect our self-image .  Who we are with another person.  We have beliefs that have unconsciously been formed from past experiences,  successes, failures, humiliations, triumphs, and the way other people have reacted to us, especially in early childhood.  From here we mentally construct a  self whereby we do not question its validity, but proceed to act upon it as if it were  true.

Time does not heal all wounds. 

"What we are to become is already within us, awaiting the belief through which it can be expressed" -
                    Alexis Brown