Powerful Practice For The Person Who Has No Time

​                                              IF YOU COULD:


                                                                                         Be more productive

                                                                   Wake up refreshed
                                                                   Have better relationships
                                                                   Be more focused
                                                                   Do less and accomplish more... 

                                                                   Be happier

                                                       WOULD YOU?

                                                                                       You can!

The more present we are the higher the quality our future, because the present moment is the future in the making, so why not...  

                            ​         Live the Difference Now!


MEDITATION for the Fast Track


​​"I don't practice to get good at meditation.  I  practice  meditation to get good at living" - Alexis Brown 

 EFT and Meditation

                                                                      Coming in June

​EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is said to be a cross between ancient Chinese  acupressure and modern day psychology.  It is one of the most widely used energy psychology modalities because it gently and swiftly releases negative and traumatic events that are frozen in time in the mind/body system. These events can negatively influence how a person sees the world, experiences and regulates emotion and relates to other people.  

We can talk all we want about EFT, but there's no substitute for experiencing it.  So why not join me in learning how you can begin to balance your mind and body, changing what you do, how you feel, and how you experience the world.   

                        Workshop is both theoretical and practical.  $25.00 at the Studio

                                                                     Empowered Yoga

                                                                     391 Wilmington Pike
                                                         Glenn Mills, PA  19342 


Happy Employees are Productive Employees

​According to the New York Times:

“More than one quarter of Aetna’s workforce of 50,000 has participated in at least one meditation class, and those who have report, on average:

 28% reduction in stress levels
20% improvement in sleep quality
19% reduction in pain.

They also become more effective on the job, gaining an average of 62 minutes per week of productivity each, which is worth $3,000 per employee per year.  Demand for the programs continues to rise;  every class is overbooked.

Meditation Coaching - group pricing available.


"What we are to become is already within us, awaiting the belief through which it can be expressed" -
                    Alexis Brown

​​(505) 220-7542

                               ​Meditation  For the Fast Track

                                     Sunday, May 20th @ 10:00 AM

How would you like to dramatically up level your performance in life?  doctors are calling 'stress' the black plague of our century.  It robs us of our performance, productivity, our focus, our sex, our health and our sleep.

​Neuroscience can now show what meditation actually does to the brain, therefore its benefits can no longer be written off.  So let's clear the clouds of misinformation and myths and learn to access a 4th state of consciousness easily and effortlessly. 

​Join me in this introductory workshop that will begin to prime your brain and your body to perform at top performance.

                        Workshop is both theoretical and practical.  $25.00 at the Studio 

​                                                       Empowered Yoga

                                                       391 Wilmington Pike
                                                       Glen Mills, PA 19342