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Redox signaling is at the forefront of medical research.  Interest in it has exploded with more than 17,000 peer-reviewed papers and over 1200 books have been written supporting redox signaling molecules vital function in every major system of the body.  Multiple Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work in this burgeoning area of biological health. ​

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And now the first-of-its-kind, cutting edge health breakthrough with multiple patents. is here.  TaueretLaboratories has shown that ASEA Redox hasthe ability to positively impact gene expression in our cells. 

       The lastest study results of ingesting ASEA Redox:

           Activates the natural immune system

           Improves vascular health maintenance and elasticity, reucing heart disease

           Potential digestive health benefits by increasing enzyme production and limiting indegestion

​           Hormone pathway activation

           Reduction in inflammation and enhanced  immunotolerance                    ​

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ASEA VIA Source is a whole-food based micronutrient nutritional supplement that provides optimal support for cellular health and general wellness. This proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, organic superfoods, trace minerals, and enzymes features ASEA’s patented BioAmplify™ Absorption Complex, which delivers the necessary components to ensure maximum bioavailability of all nutrients found in VIA Source.The ASEA VIA line of nutritional supplements is expertly formulated to work in tandem with ASEA REDOX.


ASEA VIA Source is formulated for optimum bioavailability. Our bodies assimilate whole-food sources of nutrition better than synthetic sources because whole foods contain key vitamins along with their cofactors—other nutrients naturally found in food that work with each vitamin to increase its absorption. An orange, for example, contains plenty of vitamin C, but it’s also rich in bioflavonoids, which help the body absorb that vitamin C. Vitamins in nature don’t stand alone. They are present along with trace minerals, phytonutrients, and other vitamins in combinations the body recognizes as nutrition. All nutrients in VIA Source are derived from whole-food sources.


VIA Source is expertly formulated, not only with a comprehensive variety of vitamins and minerals your body needs, but with nutrient cofactors that increase bioavailability. This is done using five techniques.

Glycoprotein Ferment Matrix

To ensure that the nutrients in VIA Source are from a whole-food source, we use a nutritional yeast grown in a specialized environment high in vitamins and minerals. Like a plant taking nutrients from soil as it forms fruits and vegetables, the yeast takes up these nutrients as it grows, creating a glycoprotein matrix that contains the vitamins and minerals in a form the body recognizes. The yeast is then deactivated in a special process, leaving only bioavailable, easy-to-digest vitamins and minerals.

Red Algae

ASEA is committed to selecting the most readily absorbable form of each nutrient in VIA Source. This can be seen in the choice to use calcium and magnesium from a bioavailable, natural red-algae extract and the choice of including whole superfoods from around the world to give this product its unique profile of whole certified organic superfoods not found in most western diets.

B Complex Vitamins

Extracts of holy basil, lemon, and guava, known to be high in B vitamins, are used in a natural ferment extraction process to obtain the B-complex vitamins in VIA Source. These natural combinations of nutrients are the cornerstone of VIA Source. They provide the building blocks of healthy cells and general nutrition.


Superfoods are the most nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, and plants from around the world. Each of the certified organic superfoods in VIA Source was chosen for its array of concentrated phytonutrients. The superfoods in VIA Source are naturally high in flavonoids and proanthocyanidins to help protect the body from oxidative stress, indole-3-carbinol to support a healthy immune response, and carotenoids to sustain a healthy cardiovascular system.

BioAmplify™ Absorption Complex

To further aid in the absorption of nutrients, VIA Source contains a unique blend of enzymes and their cofactor minerals. This patented complex, called BioAmplify™, has been shown to help the body get the most out of every nutrient.


Supports cellular health, general nutrition, and wellness throughout the body.
Aids in the assimilation of nutrients with the patented BioAmplify™ Absorption Complex.
Provides nutrient building blocks to work synergistically with ASEA REDOX.


Provides the nutrient building blocks that work synergistically with ASEA REDOX.
All nutrients derived from whole food sources.
Includes vitamins and minerals in a glycoprotein ferment, a process that converts nutrients into a protein matrix through natural fermentation, making vitamins and minerals more stable and bioavailable.
Includes both macro- and trace marine minerals from red algae, a unique plant source that is more bioavailable than minerals derived from other sources.
Contains certified organic superfoods—a combination of nature’s most nutrient-dense greens and berries—guaranteeing maximum phytonutrient content and preserving those nutrients through a low-heat drying process.
Contains B vitamins extracted from holy basil, lemon, and guava, which are then naturally concentrated through a proprietary fermentation process that helps support the activity and stability of B-complex vitamins.
Contains organic trace minerals from an ancient plant source that has not been subjected to modern farming techniques. Because these minerals are in a pristine form, they are rich in nutrients not found in the typical western diet.
Includes sources of natural phytonutrients such as polyphenols, carotenoids, indole-3-carbinol, which have a wide range of health benefits.
Includes BioAmplify™, ASEA’s patented absorption complex, which provides the necessary components to ensure maximum bioavailability of all nutrients found in VIA Source.
100% vegan.
100% plant cellulose capsules.ragraph here.