​​​​​​​"What we are to become is already within us, awaiting the belief through which it can be expressed" -
                    Alexis Brown

To avoid any health risks a full medical/health consultation will be performed. Medical clearance may be required for any other medical conditions not listed.

You will be given a full disclosure verbally and in writing of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

​Follow Up Visit - 
All  eyebrow procedures consist of two visits.  The second follow-up visit is to fine tune the brows.  Everyone is different as to how the pigment takes. This procedure is performed no sooner than six weeks and must be done withing eight weeks.  Initially your eyebrows will be swollen, darker and larger than when they heal.  After they heal the true color and size of the brow can be modified.  Follow-up is included in the initial price of the 

So if you're tired of fighting your brows... schedule an appointment and experience how you can - 

                                                                                                                                         Live the Difference Now!
​Initial visit and Follow-up - $475 


​​(505) 220-7542

Permanent Cosmetic eyebrows are for those who want to wake up every day looking their best and keep that look all day long, whether you are dressing for the office or the beach.  For some its about saving time penciling in the perfect brows every morning, for others its circumventing the frustration of poor application due to poor eyesight.